Free Spirits

“Free Spirits” Group

  1. Church member Seniors 50
  2. Mission Statement:

Seniors Helping Seniors!  Keeping our older church members active and healthy through regularly scheduled special events featuring fellowship, good food and great fun!

  1. Meetings:  Informal Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month in the Church Library at 10 am.  Any senior is invited to attend Board meetings, and ideas and suggestions are welcomed.  The Board plans, prepares, implements and promotes special activities, events, meals and trips to benefit seniors.  Costs are kept to a minimum and transportation is usually provided.  Activities are scheduled several months in advance, and sign-ups in the church office are generally required.  All seniors are welcome to participate.
  2. Contact:   Church office or chairperson Bob Cullers (540)635-4617 ; E-Mail: